Email Etiquette Rules Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Email Etiquette Rules Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Based on the latest study, an entrepreneur spends a significant amount of time combing through the thousands of e-mails that come from the employees, clients and customers.  Unfortunately, many business owners are still not aware of the best practices in using this communication tool effectively and appropriately.

Due to the significant amount of messages that entrepreneurs receive on a daily basis, many are prone to committing mistakes that can serve as a deterrent for their business.

Here are some email etiquette that you should be aware of as an entrepreneur.

Top Email Etiquette Tips for Entrepreneurs

Clear Subject Line

A good subject plays a huge part on whether to open the email message or not.  You need to be precise on the content of your message.  Make it short and direct to the point.  If it is about the sudden change in the time of meeting or other information, you may opt for “Updated Meeting Info”.  If it is about a concern of your customer, you have to choose a subject that lets the consumers know that you are doing your best to address their concerns.


The email address that you are using should evoke professionalism.  Refrain from using email address that you usually choose to open an account in dating site or social networking site.  If you are relying on a customer make sure to use the email address with a company domain email address, for example [email protected]   In case that you do not have a company domain, you may use your personal email.  Use an email address that contains your name.  Avoid using game [email protected] as it may make you look unprofessional.

Reply All

Perusing through all the messages that you are receiving on a daily basis and filtering which ones you must reply to or ignore can be time-consuming.  It is understandable how clicking a reply all button or use an auto-generated email messages can be tempting. As much as possible, refrain from resorting to this. If you are using the reply all function, make sure that everyone that will receive it is in need to receive the message.   There are online tools that you can use to manage your lead list in case you are implementing an email marketing campaign.  Categorise your lead list based on their interest about your product and then compose an email that you will send to one list.


When you are running a business, professionalism is of utmost importance. When you are starting your letter, refrain from using informal salutation such as “Hey, Yo”. Remember: you are an entrepreneur and not a cheerleader.  When opening a message, start by saying Hi or Hello then use either his surname or first name.  If you want it to be more personal use his first name and try to shorten it, for instance from Michael to Mike.

Exclamation Mark

The exclamation mark is used to convey a strong emotion. As such, the excessive use of an exclamation mark can be deemed highly unprofessional.  If you can limit the exclamation mark to just one or none at all, then that would be perfect.  You can always convey strong emotions through words. The message that you are sending may be misinterpreted by the recipient if you use excessive exclamation points.

Finally, you should try the habit of putting the email address last on the receiver’s slot.  This is to avoid sending the message accidentally on the off chance that you clicked the button when you have not yet finished writing your message.

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